For Freddie (2021)

Recently, while staying with my family in Moscow, I came across a pile of rock-related books that I adored as a teen. The majority of them was about Beatles, my first music love – a book of their lyrics, Russian translations of their biographies, and magazines featuring a story about, say, Paul McCartney (at that time, I thought of him as an old man – … Continue reading For Freddie (2021)


Happy B-day, Dr. May! (Tiny Essays – a special issue)

This issue of Tiny Essays focuses on the mastership of Dr. Brian May, whose birthday we, his fans, are celebrating this week. I always wanted to write more about his tunes, his riffs, his wonderful poetry – and I think, this is a perfect occasion to talk about those songs that I never get tired of. I think that the benefit of knowing this music … Continue reading Happy B-day, Dr. May! (Tiny Essays – a special issue)