Daily Pieces – Day 6

Through the Looking Glass Some moments – especially the most important ones – tend to elude words and descriptions. Instead, they just stay, just linger in your memory with all their power and force. As a child and teenager, I kept a diary. I remember describing in detail the things that preceded a major event, and avoiding what was central- as if the very act … Continue reading Daily Pieces – Day 6

Daily Pieces – Day 5

Happy Birthday, George! Today someone on Facebook asked to name our favorite song by George Harrison. And I immediately wondered if I could answer that question – because depending on my own state of mind I would choose a different song. When filled with love and excitement, I play “Someplace Else” on loop; when smitten by blues, I resort to “Blow Away.” But among those … Continue reading Daily Pieces – Day 5

Daily Pieces – Day 3

Letting Go Of Algorithms There used to be a time when I would dread posting a new essay or a new podcast on my social media. No matter how I convinced myself that the number of likes or comments did not necessarily reflect people’s attitudes toward my work it was always painful; it would be self-deception to say that a creator can do without an … Continue reading Daily Pieces – Day 3

Daily Pieces – Day 2

Teo Torriatte – a rare performance of 1993 by Brian May As a music geek, I absolutely adore hearing different versions of the same song, because I think it gives us a different insight into its meaning, especially when sung by its original creator. Thus, it is fascinating to hear the Cross version of “Heaven For Everyone,” with Roger Taylor on vocal: I think intuitively … Continue reading Daily Pieces – Day 2

Daily Pieces – Day 1

I have been journaling all my life, starting at 12, and this habit probably contributed to my writing ambitions and abilities as I grew older. Over the past years, I have written my entries only occasionally, mainly when I felt the urge to confide my thoughts and emotions to paper. I experimented with the “morning pages” routine for a while (based on the advice I … Continue reading Daily Pieces – Day 1

Stereoscopy Is Good For You (Darling)

A month ago, I found myself surrounded by the familiar faces that I knew well thanks to the selfies and photos that they posted on Instagram; I was home with my people, laughing, hugging, chatting, and waiting to meet Dr. Brian May, the man who brought us all together. After years of dreaming of that moment, I could not believe that it has finally come … Continue reading Stereoscopy Is Good For You (Darling)