A Chance to Live

It all starts with the contours of bodies hidden underneath the white sheets, basking in the pale morning light.  With the first sounds of Freddie’s voice, we see young and beautiful faces emerging from under covers, staring intensely into the audience. As the sunlight floods the stage, they get up and wander around, clinging to their sheets, as if clamping a wound on their stomachs … Continue reading A Chance to Live

12 am

I miss my silliness I want to plunge back Into my dreams Taken away from me And never coming back These carefree thoughts Crumbled and crushed My cheerfulness My pre-war anxiety Oh how I miss you Where are all these hugs And heartfelt handshakes Spontaneous trips I need to be grateful But sometimes Mourning is all I feel Continue reading 12 am

Tiny Essays – Part 2

The mini-essay experiment continues… This one turned out a bit gloomy. V. You laugh at every joke, drag your blanket blindly, fill your heart with smoke…and the first thing that you want will be the last thing you’ll ever need. That’s how you fight it – Wilco, ‘How to Fight Loneliness’ Rock music constitutes an essential part of my personality, and because of that, I … Continue reading Tiny Essays – Part 2