One Beautiful Christmas Day

As we move more and more into winter, with the news being a mix of hope and desperation, and the days growing darker and shorter, I am trying to think of Christmas and New Year – that in a couple of weeks I will bring a tree into our house, and we at least have a bit of a holiday spirit in a tiny circle of our family.

This morning, I suddenly felt a surge of happiness, when I woke up and found out that there will be a virtual launch party of a new Christmas song by Kerry Ellis and Brian May. And so I went for my usual morning walk – a habit I acquired in these pandemic months – with Kerry’s song playing in my headphones, and the gloomy November day suddenly brightened up, as if illuminated by the festive colorful lights, just like the ones Kerry had put on for today’s livestream. With this song, all good things from the past came back to me: the smell of a tree, the thrill of a New Year’s Day, when you find presents sitting next to your bed; dressing up in a costume of Princess Snowflake, and dreams and hopes for the a year to come. And then, I could see a bridge linking my childhood’s memories to now, when we all stay together with our loved ones, personally or remotely, appreciating all small things that make us so happy – a hearty meal, a nice weather, a newly discovered film or series. Or a new track from your music heroes, with the cheerful sparkling lights, and a warm and comforting atmosphere of Brian’s studio.

Today’s gift from Kerry and Brian, and a unique opportunity to see them together smiling, joking, chatting – and even performing! – made me feel like a child who suddenly was showered with the most precious presents. I love their collaboration dearly, and one of my biggest dreams is to see them live one day. But for now, I am so happy looking at their joyful faces, listening to Kerry’s powerful voice that always makes me feel stronger, and sending my love to my stereo and Queen friends gathered in this livestream. Here we are, celebrating our own special Christmas all together, united and enlightened by our shared music love.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Katya Neklyudova (aka @katya.3d)

November 26, 2020

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