Some Things That Glitter May Be Gold

Do you remember what you should do when darkness surrounds you?  Yes – you need to summon your Patronus, and the black shadow will dissipate. I always loved this powerful image that helped me to visualize what I feel so often, especially these days.

I loved the duet of Kerry Ellis and Brian May for quite a while – starting from the time when I came across their stunning performance of “Life Is Real” – so deep, so sorrowful, and yet so uplifting. This is a magical mix of stunning poetry written by Freddie, a spirit of John Lennon, Brian’s soulful guitar, and of course a shining vocal of Kerry. After playing this track for many, many times, I went absolutely crazy and listened to all their records that I could find on Youtube. Regardless of the size of venue – it can be a tiny room or a huge hall of Arena Di Verona – Brian and Kerry spread joy and light, drawing the audience into the triumphant celebration of life.

Today our stereo and Queen community gathered for  Kerry’s concert and watched in awe, how she sang – gently and joyfully, bringing sunshine and breaths of fresh air to our anxious universe. We waived at each other, cried, sang along, and sent the multicolored hearts. From every corner of the world, from kitchens and living room, from balconies and basements, we were all together, united by music. Kerry took us to Elton John’s 1970s, to last year’s Oscar celebration, to her new album, and to “Butterfly,” this special song that I always associated with the spring morning, when you feel the dew on the grass with your bare feet.

And in the end, there came this moment that always brought us all together.  Everything was as I imagined – Kerry’s powerful voice and Brian’s guitar, both of them being here and now, with us and for us. And through the world flowed this old love song, written by Freddie many years ago. And even though I could only see the multicolored hearts on the screen of my phone, I knew that in reality, we are all flocking around these amazing people, holding the lights and singing along.


So let us mind what’s there to see
Before our hearts become too cold
In spite of all that we’ve been told
Some things that glitter may be gold

With love and endless gratitude –

Katya Neklyudova, April 2020

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