Some Things That Glitter May Be Gold

Do you remember what you should do when darkness surrounds you?  Yes – you need to summon your Patronus, and the black shadow will dissipate. I always loved this powerful image that helped me to visualize what I feel so often, especially these days. I loved the duet of Kerry Ellis and Brian May for quite a while – starting from the time when I … Continue reading Some Things That Glitter May Be Gold

Tiny Essays – Part 2

The mini-essay experiment continues… This one turned out a bit gloomy. V. You laugh at every joke, drag your blanket blindly, fill your heart with smoke…and the first thing that you want will be the last thing you’ll ever need. That’s how you fight it – Wilco, ‘How to Fight Loneliness’ Rock music constitutes an essential part of my personality, and because of that, I … Continue reading Tiny Essays – Part 2