In Search of Lost Tracks

I was planning something entirely different for this date. But the workload and general tiredness got hold of me, and I decided to keep my tradition of summing up a year with a usual playlist. And here is the first problem: of course, my birthday is in October, which means that this year did not consist entirely of pandemic and lockdowns. But however hard I … Continue reading In Search of Lost Tracks

For Freddie

Three years ago, somewhere around your birthday, you came into my life through the young voices, through your greatest song. I do not believe in accidents, it probably was meant to happen. Two months later I opened my first (Russian) blog page and started writing about your music – because I just needed to verbalize this overwhelming feeling. Six months later I became a follower … Continue reading For Freddie


Happy B-day, Dr. May! (Tiny Essays – a special issue)

This issue of Tiny Essays focuses on the mastership of Dr. Brian May, whose birthday we, his fans, are celebrating this week. I always wanted to write more about his tunes, his riffs, his wonderful poetry – and I think, this is a perfect occasion to talk about those songs that I never get tired of. I think that the benefit of knowing this music … Continue reading Happy B-day, Dr. May! (Tiny Essays – a special issue)

A Chance to Live

In the beginning we see the contours of bodies hidden underneath the white sheets, basking in the pale morning light.  With the first sounds of Freddie’s voice, young and beautiful faces emerge from these covers, staring intensely into the audience; as the sunlight floods the stage, they get up and wander around, clinging to their sheets, as if clamping a wound on their stomachs or … Continue reading A Chance to Live