Friends in 3D

This summer, I have been experimenting with various formats, eventually coming up with the idea of audio essays that I made into a series of podcasts. One day, during my usual morning walk, I started toying with the idea of turning my monologues into conversations – after all, this is what podcasts are usually about. But who would I speak to, and what kind of topics should I choose? And then I thought about a wonderful stereo community I belong to – a diverse and talented group of people all united by a passion for stereoscopy and music, inspired by Dr. Brian May. The rest was a question of planning and figuring out the details, and the whole process was smooth and natural because my friends from our 3D community on Instagram were so supportive and so willing to participate in this little project of mine. I figured out the set of questions and got in touch with some of my pals, and this is how Friends in 3D came into existence. I loved every moment of it, from recording the conversation over Zoom to editing audio tracks to putting together slideshows for Instagram. I am extremely proud of this program and my guests – and so, with great pleasure, I present Season 1 of Friends in 3D podcast!

Check out the highlights of Season 1!

Friends in 3D on Spotify

Friends in 3D on Instagram

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